About Blaksox Events

Blaksox Events platform is an income generator that finances our community development work. We love the idea of using the profit made from entertaining people and providing unrivalled customer service, to challenge inequality and injustice.
Blaksox exploded into existence at a community event in Lewisham London on October 1st 2015, the first day of Black History Month in the United Kingdom. Blaksox promised the 450 people who witnessed its birth, that it would ensure its core work was self financed and therefore self-determining. Blaksox is primarily dedicated to building greater economic partnership between black led organisations and pushing for greater self determination both socio-economically and politically.

100% of the profit from Blaksox Events is invested in further developing and delivering the ethical leadership, economic infrastructure and community resilience that the vulnerable amongst us need. The funds generated from your, sponsorship, entertainment and pleasure, finance our on-going commitment to support, defend and protect those young people, and vulnerable adults who have been abused and abandoned by the state, Sarah Reed and Shaquan Fearon being just two of many examples.

We believe big things are possible, despite the fact that many are forced by everyday circumstances to think small and suffer in silence. We want to inspire those on the margins of society with the least voice and stake in society, particularly the young, to think big and do big things for themselves and their community.

Blaksox Events also helps young entrepreneurs achieve through enterprise, planning and visioning beyond their postcodes of despair and mindless violence. Blaksox is doing this and more in partnership with a growing international and UK based network of individuals and organisations committed to social justice through social action.

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