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If anyone had told me I’d be involved in another Legacy Gala I’d have told them to take some respite from the booze they been binging on !!

Last year was a bruising, insane experience for me but the mind has an irritating habit of softening out what were the gut wrenching, toe curling bits of an event, and amplifying what were probably the mediocre moments into high octane snippets of titanic pleasure.

To make matters worse, the marketing was so good that even I caught myself telling people that “our Legacy Gala was on a level with MOBO”. I know, but little acorns can grow into gargantuan oaks that cast a shadow for miles, and even down through the centuries in which they stand permanently rooted, and marking time as it passes.

So, after all that pain we are back with an even bigger and much tighter Legacy 2017. Why ? Because we really do believe that what we have here is special, it is not just another one dimensional black tie event, it actually has soul, flesh, blood and sprit, it is actually able to inspire and re-centre those of us who have lost our way in amongst the daily trials and tribulations.

Legacy Gala

Legacy has the power to set those without purpose on the right path for the first time. That is why we will have specifically sponsored tables for our young talent. Social capital exists within our community, we merely need to seek it out, and put it to work in the service of the talented 10% of young people in our community who wouldn’t otherwise get to a star studded black owned celebration like Legacy 2017. We want to expose them the to the experience of watching their elders take over a 5 star hotel and bring the roof down with laughter and soulful sounds. We want our next generation to feel comfortable coming into venues like Chelsea Harbour, put simply, we want to instill in them a ‘wealth mindset’ and distance them for the poverty mindset that too many of our young now possess.

Legacy Gala 2016

It is as a direct result of detailed feedback from last year’s Legacy Gala attendees that this year’s Legacy 2017 offer has move to the plush and breathtakingly well resourced Chelsea Harbour Hotel for what will be the best pre Christmas black tie affair of the year.

What I’m really looking forward to on the night is that initial glimpse of the line of flawlessly dressed, intelligent, sassy and financially self determining women streaming into the 5 Star venue past the yachts and high-net-worth vehicles into the amazingly transformed reception area full of all manner of businesses and artisans.

Those ladies will be perfectly complimented by the phalanx of hyper sharp suited brothers on hand to wait and serve them for the duration of the evening. Those who are looking to celebrate another year of progress in the midst of opulence and amongst people who will inspire them to do more, will not miss this event……

Legacy Gala 2016

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Legacy Gala 2016
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