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We wanted to make sure people are left in know doubt that our Legacy 2017 is all about succeeding financially, politically and socially. What we mean is that if one of us is wealthy and has access to wealth creating information, but the rest are living in ignorance and poverty, we are all poor and blind.

Legacy 2017 is celebrating the principles of ‘collective works’ and social capital. Put simply, we share the knowledge, and we share the wealth (I let you know how you too can secure a licence to trade Guilt Edged Bonds etc. rather than selfishly keeping it to myself). By growing social capital and practicing collective works we ensure that we have a rich community rather than some rich individuals living either inside or outside of their very poor community in fear of people who look like them.

If you want to make more people aware of amazing services and products you have to sell, advertise in this year’s Legacy 2017 Magazine. The circulation is absolutely phenomenal particularly when you think about it in terms of BAME communities. Because we have the majority of the most prominent Black Professional membership organisations in the UK and Africa associated with this event, it means we have access to the 10% of the wealthiest BAME people in the UK. Because of the range of professions connected with this event, you are also talking about the most influential people in terms of consumer trends and investment orientation. Check out sponsorship and advertising pack and give us a call: Viv Ahmun 07985 395 166

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