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Blaksox events has now been up for three months, selling tickets for the greatly anticipated end of year Legacy Gala, the first of many events that will be hosted and promoted on this dedicated blaksox platform.

It’s been great consulting with the likes of Ms Dynamite on the viability of this powerful and attractive project, not least because she is precisely the kind of entertainment professional we want to partner with, promote and support.

Ms Dynamite

Music artistes like Ms Dynamite have long understood the importance of staying ‘grounded’ no matter what music industry controllers have advised. There are signs that others are finally beginning to understand that supporting and reinvesting in your community does not have to mean commercial failure. We expect many of the up and coming Grime artists to follow her example, because unlike many others, their exclusion from the mainstream music industry has forced them to thinking independently as a collective and ‘do for self’. The Legacy Gala takes place on December 3rd 2016, even if you are not able to attend this forthcoming event, make sure you get plugged into our database and unplugged from the Matrix.

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