Green Pound

We are committed to investing in emerging markets that contribute to safeguarding our planet. That whole industry is referred to by us and others, as the green pound. We are still investing more in talking than action in relation to this critically important and still emerging industry. However, we want our communities to become more familiar with it, as a means of income generation that has the added benefit of safeguarding the planet for future generations. One of the fastest growing aspects of this emerging industry is the sharing economy (UBER, Airbnb etc.). The principle is a simple one; we have things that we own but do not use all of the time, so why don’t we rent it out when we aren’t using it. It may be our car, house or office space, it reduces the drain on resources and gives the individual greater scope to generate income where appropriate. In its cleanest form, it could be as straight forward as you and your neighbour sharing the cost of the trip to work if you both work in the same or similar location. Some people do this by alternating cars and sharing the fuel cost associated with travel. At this level, it has the added benefit of getting people talking and therefore increasing community resilience.