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Keep an eye out for  RAW POLICY 03, which is due out on Monday, September 23rd 2016. It will be another in the series of ‘RAW’ talking policy pieces from our team of policy experts, commRaw Policy Two Jpegunity journalists and Blaksox sponsors. The most recent Issue entitled “London Gangs Exit On Life Support“, addressed the very real issue of poor procurement and commissioning of services that are intended to address the most sensitive and life threatening community issues. Three key points were flagged in this explosive piece in addition to a number of very important technical points:

  1. Decision makers have failed to recognize violence as a disease that can be caught and consequently have not sought to address the problem in a public health framework;
  2. Prevention work is key, because exposure to the issues starts early on in the homes and with the parents of these children who need support, so the solutions must also start in the early years;
  3. Without genuine involvement and leadership from within the communities most impacted by youth violence-in London, the BAME communities, and in Glasgow, poor white communities – the spread of this virus cannot successfully be stemmed. The Boston model relied heavily on community activists and specially trained city wide street walkers and the community strand took 2 years to mobilize.

We are looking forward the Mayor addressing the points covered in RAW POLICY 02 as part of the Community conference he is hosting in October (Black History Month).

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