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Our Nation’s Loss

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Jo Cox MP, we can only imagine the pain and despair they must be going through right now. Notwithstanding their grief and sorrow they should feel nothing but pride and honour for a wife and mother who without doubt was a shining new light in politics. A young woman who was not afraid to stand up for the rights of the most oppressed and the most subjugated.

We believe that Jo was killed for providing a powerful voice and a platform for those who have no voice in Britain and throughout the world today.

Jo Cox had strong ethical principles. In Westminster she was one of the few who were determined to speak up for the most unpopular causes. She enjoyed a brilliant, passionate life cut short by a brutal act of hate because she chose to speak out for poor and disadvantaged people. The country has lost an important and compassionate campaigner for social justice and action.

The way Jo Cox MP lived her life should be a shining example to us all. If the outpouring of eulogies from MP’s across the political spectrum and ordinary men and women showed us anything, it is that the world is tragically short of people like Jo Cox.

We mourn, but we refuse to let her death silence us – we must continue to fight; we must speak out even louder than before, working with others in opposing the horribly xenophobic and disingenuous atmosphere, fanned by irresponsible commentary from politicians and sections of a media that formed the backdrop to her untimely death.
The mood music of Britain for vulnerable and poor people in Britain has become distinctly ugly in tone and tenor.
Together, we need to speak out against the lies, the hate, the smears and defamations made against clear sections of our communities, falsely justified in the name of democracy. Institutional mendacity corrodes public confidence in British democracy.

We need to continue to work and campaign in and amongst our communities with the same passion, integrity, honour and dignity Jo Cox MP displayed in her short parliamentary career. It is not the first time that heroic female politicians such as Jo Cox have been targeted by trolls and other cowards, we must all come together to ensure it is the last.

We mourn our nation’s loss.


Amanda Wood: Blaksox Sponsor

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